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      Serving patients in Willowbrook, Burr Ridge, Hinsdale, Westmont, Darien, Clarendon Hills and the surrounding DuPage County, Illinois communities.


      Pain is considered the fifth vital sign along with blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and respiration, according to The Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). Physicians are meant to evaluate and control pain. Our Mission is to find the origin of the pain, and not to mask it. Our goal is to enhance our patients’ quality of life, ability to enjoy daily activities and functionality.

      We accomplish this by taking an integrated approach to pain management, providing consultation and treatment to individuals with acute and chronic pain. Each patient’s treatment is individually tailored based on a comprehensive patient evaluation conducted by our skilled team of Physicians. We are dedicated to the highest standard of medical care and the latest techniques in medical science.

      PAIN IS A SYMPTOM that can be related to a variety of different medical conditions ranging from simple to serious, Seeking the origin of pain goes hand in hand with treating pain in our practice. 

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      Wasan Ahmad

      Wasan Ahmad

      Licensed Aesthetician & Certified Laser Technician

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      Nikki Ruehl

      Nikki Ruehl

      Licensed Aesthetician

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      6747 Kingery Hwy
      Willowbrook, IL 60527


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