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Sports injuries are usually traumatic rather than degenerative. But when the injury, and its associated pain, last for more than a few weeks it’s important to address pain management so that the condition doesn’t create lifelong chronic pain. At Elborno Center in Willowbrook, IL we specialize in treating pain from a sports injury.

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Sports Injury Willowbrook, ILA unique aspect of these injuries is often the injured person. Particularly with higher-level participation, such as high school or college sports, the patient is more apt to try and push through the pain to stay on the field, so to speak. This can turn something as innocuous as an ankle sprain into an ongoing chronic pain problem because the original injury either was never allowed to fully heal, or became worse by returning to the sport too early.

Dr. Elborno has treated all kinds of athletes, professionals to weekend warriors, and he weighs the need to manage the patient’s pain with his or her desire to “get back out there.” These can be difficult decisions. For instance, if a baseball pitcher is having chronic shoulder pain, possibly from a torn rotator cuff, he may seek a corticosteroid injection to reduce the inflammation and pain. This may allow him to return to the mound and start pitching again. But it also risks further damage, as the cortisone masks the pain. Dr. Elborno looks at each case individually to determine the best method of treatment for every patient.

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