Personal injury cases

When injured and suffering due to no fault on your part, it’s a personal injury. Pain management could be an ongoing need, so it’s important that the patient receive the amount of compensation commensurate to the injury.

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These are the top types of personal injuries:

  • Neuromuscular pain — This is pain, often chronic, that involves both the muscles and nerves.
  • Low back pain — A back injury can be an ongoing source of chronic pain. These usually occur in the lumbar portion of the back.
  • Neck pain — Whether due to whiplash or other impacts, neck pain often radiates out into the shoulders, arms, and hands.

Personal Injury Willowbrook, ilIn personal injury cases, money may not be available as the case is moving forward. But the pain isn’t waiting. At Elborno Center in Willowbrook, IL, we work with personal injury patients on a lien basis, if necessary. This allows Dr. Elborno to treat your pain immediately without requiring upfront payment or medical insurance. With pain management, acting quickly to address your pain is important to keep it from progressing to possible permanent nerve damage.

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