Car accident victims

Pain resulting from car accidents can be immediate, or it may not show up for several days or even a few weeks. This is often due to the speed of the impact, and if the person was able to brace at all for it. In cases such as an unexpected rear-ending, the impact is sudden and creates significant force that can affect both soft tissues, such as your neck muscles, and your neck vertebrae. At Elborno Center in Willowbrook, IL we have extensive experience treating pain caused by vehicle and car accidents.

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Car Accident injuryNeck and back pain are the most typical pain management conditions with car accidents. This occurs after the initial trauma, such as swelling, bruising, and the like subside. The impact force can fracture vertebra, rupture spinal discs, or accelerate conditions caused by ongoing degenerative disc disease. All of these can lead to nerve compression, both in the spinal cord and in nerve roots exiting the vertebrae. Compression is the leading cause of chronic back and neck pain.

Dr. Elborno has various treatments to alleviate the compression and the pain, from nerve root blocks to kyphoplasty, from steroid injections into the inflamed area to transforaminal disc decompression. It’s important to not “live with the pain” following a car accident because nerve compression can lead to eventual permanent nerve damage.

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