Car accident victims can seek assistance for whiplash at Elborno Center

Whiplash treatmentWhen patients think of a car accident, they are often most concerned immediately with the condition of their vehicle and how to arrange transportation. However, even in minor accidents, men and women may still feel the effects of the accident for many years to come. This is because of a common condition referred to as whiplash.

Understanding whiplash

Whiplash is the term used to describe neck pain and injury affecting the soft tissues following impact in a car accident. The condition is the result of abnormal force and motion applied to the neck area that can result in movement beyond the neck’s normal range of motion. This places a strain and pulls on the ligaments and muscles in the area, resulting in pain and discomfort over time. Whiplash may be discussed by a medical professional in different terminology, including cervical stains, cervical sprains, and hyperextension injuries.

How does whiplash occur?

When a car accident occurs and a patient is impacted by the force of another car that hits their vehicle, the neck injury can occur. Patients who are in an accident in speeds as low as 15 miles per hour can still experience the problems associated with whiplash, even with wearing their seatbelt.

How is whiplash diagnosed and treated?

Patients who have recently been in a car accident are encouraged to speak to their doctor immediately to undergo an evaluation. Patients may have a series of x-rays done to look for any visible damage to the bones. Once the patient has a proper diagnosis, they may need to seek treatment with a professional. Outside of muscle relaxers and pain medication, patients may consider chiropractic, deep tissue massage, dry needling, and physical therapy to relieve discomfort and address the problems associated with this condition. Patients should be open and honest with their doctor to receive the best possible care for their symptoms and avoid long-term damage to the soft tissues in the neck and shoulder area.

Have you been in a car accident recently?

If you have not been evaluated after your car accident, the team at the Elborno Center of Willowbrook, IL invite you to book an initial examination with our professional, Dr. Ahmed Elborno. Call (630) 568-3862 today to schedule your appointment and discuss your concerns today.

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