Can Allergy Testing Be Completed without the Use of Needles?

At the Elborno Center, patients have access to a wide range of treatments from Dr. Ahmed Elborno, including pain management, injuries and accidents, skin services, anti-aging treatments, allergy testing, and much more. Today, we will talk about a needle-free alternative to traditional allergy testing known as a “skin testing panel.”

What is a “skin testing panel?”

Dr. Ahmed Elborno of the Willowbrook, IL area describes skin testing panels as a needle-free way to accurately determine the specific allergies experienced by an individual. Many other practices will often inject a small amount of an antigen using a needle to determine if a reaction occurs. This means many, many needle pricks—something many patients fearful of needles will do their best to avoid! However, skin testing panels are different. A specialized panel is applied right onto the skin where the antigens are then released into the skin without needles. The small amount of antigens that are administered into the skin reduce many risks, making skin testing panels safer, faster, and painless for our patients. Within fifteen minutes, most patients can obtain the results of their allergy testing.

What are the benefits of needle-free skin testing using skin testing panels?

There are a few advantages to using the skin testing panel in lieu of traditional needle pricks to determine allergies. Skin testing panels are:

  • Non-invasive. Because the skin testing panels are simple patches applied to the skin, patients can avoid many needle pricks used in traditional allergy testing.
  • Speed. Skin testing panels can provide almost immediate reactions, ensuring that the process is fast and simple. Patients can have their allergy testing done during their lunch hour and return to work after with little interruption in their daily activities.
  • Convenience. These panels are administered right in our office and offer results in minutes, making this treatment convenient for all of our patients.
  • Effective. The antigens can create an almost instantaneous reaction which allows our doctors to evaluate a patient’s allergy and pinpoint the cause of their problems in an effective manner.

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