Patient Testimonials

"In the time working with him I have learned a lot and he is always willing to teach more. Patient care for him is #1 priority."
- Anonymous

"Dr. Elborno is an excellent doctor, his staff is very nice to work with and we are very happy with his service."
- Anonymous

"I had pain for several years and seen several doctors, Dr. Elborno succeeded! Fantastic and caring doctor and left me pain-free."
- Beulah Daniels

"I value and have a lot of respect for Dr. Elbornos' excellence, dedication and compassionate care that he provides for his patients"
- Choi

"Dr. Elborno has been my pain management doctor for over 12 years. He had made it possible for me to avoid surgeries and still manage my pains. I have great respect and admiration for the work he does."
- Cindy Doman

"Thank you for making me feel welcomed in your pain clinic. You always greet me with a smile and a kind word."
- Heather Elrod

"You are such a caring doctor. Your patients and staff always come first. We love you!"
- Kimberly RN

"Dr. Elborno is always available to reassure his patients when they need it. He is also very responsive to their needs"
- Linda Kehoe

"It's always a pleasure working with you. Thanks for being so patient with me. Miss being here more often."
- Mariana

"Susan Kind shared with me the news of a donation to the Hinsdale Hospital Foundation in your honor. This is a wonderful tribute by one of your patients and I thank you for your dedication to our shared mission."
- Michael Goebel

"I am very appreciative of all the treatments Dr. E has provided for me. We have a history together as he has been helping me since 2008. He has become my life saver!"
- Phyllis Kimmel

"I simply cannot express enough gratitude and love to Dr. Elborno for instilling hope and giving me reason to believe someone so knowledgeable believes in my suffering. I was a couple of weeks from suicide and then I met my angel, doctor, and friend; A brilliant man with a HUGE heart!"
- Rebecca Lambrecht

"Dr. Elborno has helped four of my family members get back to normal life with his magical pain relief. P.S and he's very entertaining :)"
- Tina B.

"Dr. Elborno is the BEST doctor I have ever worked for! He is kind and compassionate to his patients. He is a great teacher and is gifted when it comes to pain management."
- Vida RN